Entrepreneurial Journey

Announcing Our San Francisco Business Accelerator

Uptima Business Bootcamp is proud to announce the opening of our second business accelerator. We have partnered with Impact HUB San Francisco to bring our innovative member-owned business accelerator to their new location at 1885 Mission St., San Francisco, California.

This is an exciting next step in our entrepreneurial journey. In the last three years, we have gone from our minimum viable product — writing lectures the night before each class during our first cohort — to follow in the footsteps of our partners at Impact HUB Oakland and Qeyno Labs (who both supported us in getting off the ground) as a recipient of the Innovative Newcomer Award at the Oakland Indie Awards. And, we’ve been listed as one of the Top Greater Bay Area Incubators and Accelerators by the San Francisco Business Times.

To date, we have offered classes and business advising services to more than 220 individuals, supporting their exploration of business ideas, and launching and growing their businesses. Through these services, participants are encouraged to take a holistic approach to developing their business, looking at how developing a business will personally impact them as an individual, as well as how the business will impact their community. And with our unique cooperative model, participants have an opportunity to become owners of their business accelerator, joining a real community that shares in our profits and has a say in how our programs are run.

Even before we launched our first programs, we had a vision of building out a network of member-owned business accelerators dedicated to providing entrepreneurs with greater access to hands-on education, resources, and community to create thriving businesses. Last year when Kevin Jones, Co-Founder at Good Capital and Hub Bay Area, came to us with the opportunity to scale through Impact HUB San Francisco, it was a natural fit.  As we have an increasing number of entrepreneurs coming across the Bay to join our business accelerator community, our new San Francisco accelerator makes our programs and cooperative ownership model more accessible in the Greater Bay Area. It also allows us to test out the replication of our business accelerator model in a setting close to home, so that within the next couple of years, we can bring our unique member-owned business accelerator to more locations throughout the United States.

If you’re considering a move toward freelancing or starting a business, we hope you’ll join our emerging community of entrepreneurs in San Francisco. Beginning in June, we will be holding our monthly Uptima Presents series of public workshops for entrepreneurs. And, we are currently enrolling entrepreneurs in the first cohorts of our Freelancer Accelerator and Small Business & Enterprise Accelerator programs. To learn more about our new San Francisco business accelerator, please visit http://sf.uptimabootcamp.com.