Building Capacity

Is It Time to Hire?

The great news is that your business is thriving. But, you’re finding it challenging to keep up with everything. Are you starting to ask yourself if it’s time to hire someone? Here are some signs that you might be ready to start looking for that first hire.

You Are Turning Down Business

You are in a situation where the demand for your products or services is greater than your ability to produce on your own. As a result, you are having to put limits on how much you can offer a single customer or are having to turn away customers. It may be time to hire someone to learn your trade and help you meet customer demand.

Your Quality is Suffering

Maybe you’re not turning down business, but are trying to fulfill all the demand yourself. The constant pressure is causing you to miss little things here and there and is taking a toll on the quality of your customer’s experience. Before you wind up in a situation where you have unhappy customers, consider finding help to keep up with the demand.

Administrative Tasks Aren’t Getting Done

You’re spending all your working hours meeting customer’s needs, leaving you with little time to keep up with important administrative tasks in your business, such as answering emails and managing the finances. To avoid missing important details that can drive decisions in your business, it may be time to bring in some administrative support.

You Need Specific Skills

Up to this point, you’ve had to learn a lot of different skills to grow the business. You’ve probably realized that certain aspects of growing your business can get technical, such as search engine optimization. It’s okay if you don’t know all the technicalities. Rather than spending time mastering them, it may be more efficient to find an expert to do the work quickly and achieve better results.

You Don’t Have Time for Self-Care

Are you thinking, “I’m working so hard on my business every day and can’t get it all done, how can I even think about self-care?” It might be time for you to write out all the tasks you are doing and look at which ones you could take off your plate and delegate to a new hire. When you can free up the time to care of yourself, you’re more likely to bring your best self to your business.

There’s Enough Work

Hiring someone is an investment in your business. Because it will take some of your time to find the right person and support them in being successful in your company, you want someone who’s going to stick with you. That means you need to have enough work to provide them with steady pay and opportunities for growth.

The Business Can Afford It

Hiring someone is going to add costs to your business. You’ll have their pay, and if they are an employee, you’ll have extra expenses including payroll taxes, workers compensation insurance, and payroll processing. Take a look at your business’ current and projected finances to determine if you can afford hiring someone now or if you can reasonably take on some financing to hire someone.

You Are Ready to Lead the Business

Bringing on a new hire also means you’re going to have let go of some control over your business’ operations. You’ll need to trust in yourself that you can articulate your vision and train this person on your business’ operations. And, you’ll need to trust in them to support your business, be patient with them as they learn, and be open to their new ideas and feedback that can improve the business.

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