Welcome to the Uptima Business Bootcamp Blog

When I started Uptima Business Bootcamp in 2014, I drew from my own experience as an investment banker, advising businesses of all sizes, as well as the few years that I spent working on an education technology startup. I didn’t have any business training before I came into the business world, so much of my learning has come from an iterative process of researching, doing, receiving feedback and refining.  I looked at the points where I wished I had received more guidance and support to make that process more efficient. Like many others, some of my biggest challenges were at the early stages of launching a business and maintaining alignment with core values as the business grows.

So, I scoured the web for resources and read everything I could get my hands on that offered advice to early stage entrepreneurs. I took lots of notes, sorted promising ideas from those I found to be mediocre, and when it was time to develop our program, I incorporated the best practices I learned in order to share them more broadly.

As we start 2017 Uptima begins its third year of business, and we have exciting plans for expansion (more on that topic soon!). It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to the new Uptima Business Bootcamp Blog, dedicated to providing readers with guidance and resources for creating thriving businesses. I hope to share some of the hard-won advice I learned with you as we tackle topics that many entrepreneurs struggle with.

The articles in this blog will be authored by the founders, instructors and mentors of our member-owned business accelerators. Each brings their individual experience and perspective as entrepreneurs and in supporting the freelancers, small business owners and startup founders in our programs. Some upcoming topics we’ll be posting about will discuss things you should consider if you are looking to start a business and ways you can get your business off the ground without breaking your bank account. In addition, this blog provides readers with an opportunity to see firsthand what it’s like to participate in our classes and become a member-owner of one of our business accelerators.

Through our blog, we will provide relevant and timely insights for individuals seeking to take a holistic approach to developing their businesses—balancing the need for financial sustainability with personal goals, while creating positive social, environmental and economic impact. We hope that current and aspiring entrepreneurs will find this blog a valuable resource in developing businesses to meet their individual needs and serve their communities.

I also hope this blog becomes a place you visit often and where you share your feedback, comments and ideas about how we can build better businesses.  You can subscribe to our mailing list to get these posts delivered to your inbox so you never miss out on any of our features or news.          

On behalf of Uptima Business Bootcamp, I welcome you to join us as we explore what it takes to create thriving businesses today.