Thinking Holistically

Why Entrepreneurs Need Mentors

As a freelancer, small business owner, or startup founder, you may be the only person working on your business. And, without someone else to bounce ideas off of, it can get lonely. One way you can get the support you need is by finding the right business mentors. This week, find out how you can benefit from having business mentors.

Gain Experience

We learn a lot through experience. With the right mentors, you can gain experience from others who have already been there and done that and can provide insights from their own successes and failures. These insights are valuable assets that can save you time and money in developing your business.

Provide Perspective

When you are in your business every day, it can be hard to step out and think strategically. Having a mentor can give you a different perspective. Because your mentor is not caught up in the day to day details of the business, they can provide more objective feedback and guidance that is still grounded in experience.

Avoid Pitfalls

Because you’ve put a lot of work into the business, it can become easy to get very attached to your business plans.  And, you might not recognize biases and blind spots that pose risks to your business development. Having mentors who constructively challenge your assumptions and identify weaknesses can help you avoid common pitfalls and minimize your risk.

Build Resilience

Starting and running a business is an emotional rollercoaster. It’s encouraging to know you have a support network with mentors who believe in you and your business and are committed to helping you figure things out. And, calling on your mentors for guidance can re-inspire and re-energize your motivation to build your business.

Expand Your Network

A mentor can connect you with resources to grow your business. A good mentor should keep you in mind and think about introducing you to people who can support your business development, such as potential customers, partners, or investors. That’s not to say that a mentor is going to automatically open up their entire network – you still need to do the work to demonstrate you are ready to make effective use of those connections.

If you’re looking for a mentor to help you develop your freelancer, small business, or startup business, you may be interested in our accelerator programs or business advising services in San Francisco or Oakland.